Well you have read them in publications, seen then on TV music shows, and even heard numerous countdown shows on the radio.  Yes we are talking about the 10,000 pound gorilla in music better known as 'the charts'.  It's one of those beasts within music that everyone seems to enjoy.  They can stir up a lively conversation around the water cooler and of course it's always fun to see who holds that #1 position.  Not only do fans of music like to look at charts, the music industry simply loves them to death.  BDS spins, Billboard charts, sales charts.... they can never seem to get enough.  With that being said, the compiled charts here on are not for the caterings of the music industry nor are they necessarily here to elicit a particular reaction from the fans of hip hop.  The purpose of the charts on is to give a rundown of the top tracks (from singles) and top spins from LPs (tracks not released as singles) as heard on the Urban Innercity Experience. 

Monthly Charts
As with anyone compiling a monthly chart based on spins for a weekly show, the variance between the top and bottom rankings, and what does and does not make the chart is razor thin.  Remember, we are looking at a 3 hour show that occurs 4 or 5 times a month.... Thus you should merely enjoy looking at the charts and not read too far into the positioning or what is listed and what is not.

Yearly Charts
Now we are talking!  A look at the year in review based on spins.  Here you will be able see a snapshot of over 50 shows representing more than 150 hours of programming on the Urban Innercity Experience.  So if you are curious of which track from a 12" single had the most spins, or which LP got the most play on the Urban Innercity Experience for a given year, it's right here, staring you dead in the face... have some fun looking at the yearly charts.

One more thing.....
The charts are predicated on the data entry of the playlists on I need to correct spelling discrepancies and have all the playlists entered for accurate charting.  Please check the Playlists page for updates to the playlist database.  Charting will be altered as the playlists database is updated. 

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